The Unboxing


Volvo Cars unveiled its latest groundbreaking innovation—an ultra-compact, fully electric SUV with an unprecedentedly low carbon footprint. Embracing the power of small, Volvo Cars is now making a bold bet on the next small thing: the EX30.

Embodying the philosophy that "Small is Mighty," Volvo partnered with AKQA to orchestrate a global launch event that highlights the immense impact of this extraordinary vehicle.

The film kicks off with the charismatic presence of Volvo Cars CEO, Jim Rowan, who joined the company last year.

In a delightful twist on the popular unboxing trend, Jim appears in three sizes—mini, regular, and giant—playfully showcasing the EX30's key features in proportionate models of the car. Expertly produced by Mill+ and directed by Joshua Stocker.

The film is followed by the global TVC featuring a group of friends as they embark on a countryside escape with the EX30 effortlessly conquering urban challenges. Seamlessly blending real-life scenarios with magnificent landscapes constructed from the car's own materials, this campaign showcases the car's versatility, all set to the melodic tones of Bettye Swann's "Little Things Mean a Lot”. The EX30's playful personality harmonizes beautifully with Volvo's heartfelt commitment to leading the industry in protecting both people and the planet.


Director. Joshua Stocker
Production Company. Mill+
Executive Producer. Johnny Blick
Head of creative development. Richard Skinner
Director of Creative Production. James Niklasson
Producer. Tim Tyrrell
PM. Natasha Hayes
PA. Millicent Sharrat
DoP. Timothy Green
VFX supervisor. Vanessa Duquesnay
Art Director/Production Designer: Gilles Balabaud
Colourist. Katie Dymmock
Coloour Producer. Dan Hill
Body Double. Jason Baron

Post Production. The Mill

Music Composition. Chut! On Vous Ecoute.
Composers / arrangers. Arnaud Astruc / Benjamin Fournier-Bidoz
Sound Design. King Lear

Ad agency. AKQA
Global Chief Creative Officer. Peter Lund
Creative Director. Pierre Saladin
Senior Copywriter. Simon Magnusson
Creative Directors. Oliver Duggan, Jon Ward, John Gibson, Sam Haynes
Associate Creative Directors.David Svedenstrom, Sergio Faria, Laura Hunter
Producer. Valentina Piemontese
Senior Producers. Pelle Westerback, John Kershaw, Josh Riordan
Senior Account Manager. Nadia Vakhrusheva
Group Account Director. Maja Beckman