The Unboxing

The big reveal of Volvo’s smallest ever SUV, the EX30. Unboxed by Jim Rowan, CEO at Volvo Cars.

Garned 1.2 million views on youtube in it’s first 5 days online.


Director: Joshua Stocker
Production Company: The Mill
Executive Producer: Johnny Blick
Head of creative development: Richard Skinner
Director of Creative Production: James Niklasson
Producer: Tim Tyrrell
PM: Natasha Hayes
PA: Millicent Sharrat
DoP: Timothy Green
VFX supervisor: Vanessa Duquesnay
Art Director/Production Designer: Gilles Balabaud
Colourist: Katie Dymmock
Body Double: Jason Baron

Music Composition: Chut! On Vous Ecoute.
Composers / arrangers: Arnaud Astruc / Benjamin Fournier-Bidoz
Sound Design: King Lear

Ad agency : AKQA
Global Chief Creative Officer: Peter Lund
Creative directors: Pierre Saladin & Simon Magnusson
Producer: Valentina Piemontese
Senior Account Manager: Nadia Vakhrusheva
Group Account Director: Maja Beckman

Joshua Stoker Josh Stocker